Speech at Daley Plaza, Chicago


My speech at Robin Hood Tax Rally, in Chicago, May 18th, as part of the kick of for series of actions during the May 2012 Chicago protest that climaxed on May 20th large anti-NATO march.

Text of the speech:

I’m standing here, as a Chinese exile from Tiananmen, as an immigrant, and as an Occupier for the 99%, to pledge again my commitment to nonviolence, to civil disobedience, to social and economic justice.

Back in 1989, we were inspired by nonviolent principle and carried out the largest civil disobedience with over 100 million direct participation in street protests.
Our struggle ended with bloodshed, and I narrowly escaped the Tiananmen Massacre. But we have continued our struggle nonviolently.

While in exile, here in America – my second home, I’ve learnt the precious but fragile nature of democracy. Democracy has journeyed from,
1 propertied white man 1 vote,
to 1 white man 1 vote
to 1 white person 1 vote
to 1 person, 1 vote thanks to the Civil Right movement
But Now we are trending to $1m, 1 vote.

Last Fall, Occupy Wall Street revived my spirit of nonviolent struggle, I AM BECAUSE WE ARE

We are the 99%, we got sold out when banks got bailed out
We are the 99%, our youth is carrying more than a trillion dollar student debts
We are the 99%, we bare witness in this land of ours with more empty homes than homeless families
We are the 99%, we can not care for the sick or feed the poor among our least fortunate,

We are the 99%, we are mad as hell

We are the 99%, we find strength in our commonality and in our numbers
We are the 99%, we are here to celebrate the dawn of a just & fair society
We are the 99%, we have stepped up to occupy

We dares to imagine
This is the beginning of the beginning
The people united,
will never be defeated.
The people united, will never be defeated.

March on May 20th in Chicago with 25,000 protesters against militarism for social and economic justice including 99% Solidarity Riders from Occupy Wall Street movement from a dozen cities coast to coast