Review of Source Code


The Good

Think of combining Three Days of The Condor and Moon, and then gamify the hybrid, you get Source Code – almost. A highly enjoyable movie experience with the suspense, the pace, the unknown identity (not quite as exciting and intense as the first Borne Identity movies though), and the pressure to piece together a puzzle that will save a city and redeeming a personal love discovery.  Duncan Jones proves he can delivery even more than Moon.  And Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting was solid.


The Bad

The premise of the story is flawed.  It doesn’t take much away, but left you wonder after leaving the screening on that premise – did Colter live on in the alternative universe accidentally created by Source Code through the 8 minutes of memory flashback of Sean the teacher?

Goodwin’s humanity, and Dr. Rutledge’s drive for success is quite cartonized, so was the bomber, and even Colter’s personal redemption with his father.   Think of the Unthinkable, a thriller that gave every character some layers that as extreme as their actions might be, there is a psychological accessibility for the audience.