Review of The Adjustment Bureau

The Good

Wouldn’t it be nice to put all of our unknown fate into an identifiable shape, be Jesus Christ, Buddha, or a group of perfectly dressed, slightly understated big time bankers or law firm partners as the case officers in the Adjustment Bureau?  Wouldn’t it be nice to see, to yell at, to stare right into the eyes of fate literally; to negotiate, to inquire, to plea, or to simply to throw a fit, to be stubborn and impulsive with fate?  Don’t you wish sometimes to be able to take a left hook right into his face, to see him in pain, to condemn him… and sometimes, just “to make a run for it”!

Once again, a movie enshrines the magic of the island called Manhattan (and  Brooklyn), and downtown that even angels get confused about its streets.

The Bad

The Angels are so underwhelming.  Maybe that’s the charm?  And the story is quite incredible, saved only by the thin but convincing connection between David (Matt Damon) and Elise (Emily Blunt – thankfully, George Nolfi let her do more than Christopher Nolan allowed for Marion Cotillard in Inception).  They better, what else is there.

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