Review of The Fighter

The Good:

It is not very often when a boxer movie tries to be both Raging Bull and The Rocky that comes close to succeed. David Russell did so with The Fighter. Christian Bale came close to his memorable performance in the Machinist with a much fuller and more colorful character in his supporting role that feel at times more as a lead role. Mark Wahlberg is no second class either.  The references to Boston is hilarious.

Fight ring footage-like scenes were appropriate and only add to the rousing story. There have been too much of this and other “reality” “amateur” filming lately in many films which only make one wonders why bother to leave YouTube for a more relevant subject, than devoting 2 hours in a theater.

The Bad:

Am I asking too much from an american movie to be at least mindful about life authenticity in its ending.  My first reaction after the screening a couple of weeks ago to another movie buff was: it is no Bicycle Thief.  Fortunately, Dicky’s redemption  is not a boxing title.


This will do very well in box office. And you should go watch it.

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