308 Indie Films released in North America market in Q3, only 29 financed and 33 released by big studios

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We heard this types of stories about music labels, then we don’t hear them anymore, the major labels are gone.  We’ve been hearing them about studios lately. We’ve seen the proliferation of text-based content on the internet, and now we know what has happened to print media industry; we are all watching Youtube, Netflix, BitTorrant, Hulu, Charlie Rose, TED Conference and infinite numbers of other Web-based multimedia, and we also know with the help of HD and recession, broadcast TV and cable are not booming.

The right question is only how quickly and completely the movie industry as it was will disappear. Since we all know that multimedia content only occupy increasingly larger portion of our waking hours, the even more important question is how content creators and consumers should enjoy the freedom of lack of middlemen.

The answer, DIY. That says a lot, but also very little.  Here is another one, “Context is King”.

To be continued…

Independent Films in 2009

Independent Films in 2009: An Analysis Through Quarter 3

Posted on November 9th, 2009

by Jeremy Juuso in Business News, Entertainment, Movie News

Time for a quarterly check-in with the land of Indie. Through the last weekend of September 2009, we’re seeing some pretty interesting results for the year to date. 308 specialty films were released into the domestic market. That is, 308 films opened at 1,000 theatrical venues or fewer during their first weekend in the U.S. and Canada.

Only 29 of these (or less than 10%) were financed in some part by one of the six major studios, Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal, or Warner Bros. The other 90+% were born outside of the studio system. Remember, just because a project was not financed by a studio does not mean it could not have been released by one. In fact, 33 specialty films were released by studios.

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