Have you seen Eros?

Antonioni was a disaster. Wang Kar Wei couldn’t pull it together, and was just tiring to watch though the boredom was eased a bit by his signature atmosphere and frames.  Robert Donnie Jr’s dream by Soderbergh, now THAT is eroticism.  The best part is that the woman in the dream is his wife… Plus, it explained the origin of the Snooze Alarm so perfectly that now every time I look at my snoozing blackberry or alarm clock, I feel like a Jungian. The opening animations are nice.

Catherine Breillat: “When Anatomy of Hell first came out … All headlines read ‘Is it pornography or art?’ My answer is the same, ‘ if you ask that question, it’s art.'”  Jackson Pollock explained in a radio interview that modern artist is working from a source from within. Guess for Breillat, that source is projected to the female genitalia? (I know, I know… It’s not fair.. and I’m being a smart ass, no pun intended.  The Last Mistress is a treat.)

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