All content businesses, please take note

This is a known story. Music labels have been in decline for quite a few years. Same has been happening to all media in their traditional forms, linear scheduled television, movie going, newspapers, book publishing, live classical performances.
– U.S. album sales were down 17.8% in May compared to the same period a year ago, and 36.7% lower than sales reported in May 2007, Billboard reported.

For the year so far through the end of May, album sales are down 13.4% from 2008.

Digital album sales were also down 13.1% in May, and are down 7.6% so far this year.

Digital track sales posted only modest gains during the month, showing gains of 5%, 6%, 2% and 5%, respectively, across the four weeks in May, according to Billboard.

“Ultimately we believe that the best way to beat piracy is to create great new licensed services that are easier and more fun to use, whether that’s an unlimited streaming service like Spotify or a service like the one recently announced by Virgin which aims to offer unlimited MP3 downloads as well as unlimited streams,” said Tim Walker, CEO of The Leading Question.
— from Report: File-Sharing Among U.K. Teens Down by One-Third. Related Links: (PDF of announcement) (Billboard)

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