Skipped Home

Skipped Home


That night
My heart skipped a beat

The band, a jazz 3 piece
A drum, a piano, and a bass
Devil with a smile
Rolls ‘n rolls, Emptiness
The rolling of tune, of rhythm, of melodies

The drum skipped a beat
Yes it was jazz band
Acoustic instruments, analogue on vinyl
Or was it digital
They rolled ‘n rolled
Smile of the devil

The piano skipped a beat,
The drum stood by
The base played the long haired guy
He couldn’t sing with all that rye
The other two were bold, they skipped him over
As the base plays long haired guy

My heart, oh my heart
It’s probably from my mother
It skipped a beat,
maybe five
The beat went rolling, rolling
evaporating in the air
with the melody ‘n despair
It is my mother
It is my father
It is my homeland that I really never wanted
Oh, Come to think of it, it chose me square
If I could only skip that land, let childhood rolls with flair
If I could only skip heart beats here and there
To die and to relive without fan fair
It only I could jazz…


Why am I here, West Village Manhattan
The home of the homeless
Why am I rolling with the rolling of tunes, of rhythms, of melodies
This heart of mine
This void that use to be a meaty bloody heart
It slipped itself as it rolled with the guys,
The guys, played by the drum, the piano, and the base

“It doesn’t matter how you fall
Only matters how you land”
Home at last

“You only live once
Not even then”
Home at last

“Broken heart is like hemorrhoid
Sooner or later every ass hole gets one”
Home at last

“What goes up
will eventually come down”
Home at last

Thank Earth and Heaven
I’m home at last

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